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Step 1.  Read the Photographer Tips for a good photo shoot from Sexflight Boudoir photography.

Step 2.   Select your preferred time slot and register.

Step 3.  Plan your photoshoot wardrobe.

Boudoir Photography Photo Tips From Lee and Carrie of Sexflight Boudoir


We’re very excited to create a great experience for you and have a few tips to make the best of the limited time we have.   We are going to have about 5 minutes of actual shoot time and my goal is to get 5-10 great images.  You will be able to select your favorite image and I will send you a digital copy which is included in your ticket package. Additional images may be purchased separately, and we will offer a special discount for booking a full session with us.

One of the top fears when preparing for a boudoir session is WHAT DO I WEAR? Don’t worry. Choosing outfits is some of the fun. To get an idea of some great outfits, you can click through this boudoir Outfit Guide. This should help prepare you. 


Here is our recommendation for success.  Select two outfit choices.  Carrie will help you pick the best one.


 We recommend:

  • Full lingerie sets

  • One piece teddy’s or body suits

  • Sexy club dress

  • heels/thigh high boots

  • If this is a shoot for someone special, feel free to bring something they love when you wear it.


Tips before your photo shoot:

  • If you tan, please do so no less than 3 days before our session to avoid streakiness or possible burns. Tan lines can be sexy, but we can't remove them in Photoshop.

  • Have a fresh manicure and pedicure, or at least wash your feet. clear, nude, or red polish are recommended.

  • Arrive in loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing a bra, underwear, or socks, which will leave dent marks in your skin.

  • If you color your hair, please have your roots touched up before the shoot if ombre isn't the look you are going for.

  • Please note that photoshop is not a very effective hair removal tool, so shave, wax, trim, (or don't) to prepare for your shoot. If you shave, the day of the shoot is best time, and if you wax, 2-3 days before the shoot is best.

Safety and Privacy

  • We are scheduling up to three guests per half hour.

  • There will always be another female in the room during the photo shoot.  

  • Men are not allowed in the photo area or photo prep area if other female guests are present.  

  • Personal cellphone photos are not allowed during the session.

If you have any additional photographer questions, you may email Lee or Carrie directly at

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