1. Is this event BYOB?.  No, and Yes.  The hotel is providing a cash bar at the lobby of the evening parties on Friday and Saturday.   You will not be able to conspicuously carry a bag of alcohol around the hotel, just as in any establishment that sells alcohol.   Our suggestion is that you bring your portable bar to your room and carry a flask.   I also suggest you buy at least one drink from the hotel bar and hold on to that glass.   If everyone walks up to the bar and orders just a soda with ice, they will become suspicious and seek out violators so do what we all do and use discretion.   Pretend it's Prom night.

  2. Is this a hotel takeover?  No.   This is a floor takeover.   We have control of the main ballroom floor and the room floors.   The hotel lobby and most importantly, the HOTEL ELEVATORS are not in our control which means we share those spaces with other hotel guests.   We count on each of you to demonstrate the proper decorum when you are in public view.

  3. What is the dress code ? or What should I wear? Each event is different.   The Winter White party is sexy white themed and the Valentines Masquerade Ball is semi-formal to formal.   We suggest you go all in and sexy yourselves up.  After all it is the 'Date Night' of the year.  For all other events the dress is casual but we suggest you dress to impress at each event.   After all, you do want to look your best with others.  Click Here for ideas.

  4. Where are the descriptions of the activities? Click Here.

  5. How do we know what room and floor we are on?   The hotel will assign rooms and floors on Feb 4.   You will not know the room until your check in.

  6. What time is check out?   The standard check out is 12:00 but you can call the hotel after you arrive and request a later check out.

  7. Are singles allowed?   Singles by themselves are not permitted at this event but ladies that are 'thirds' are allowed.  All persons who enter the event must have a paid ticket and event credentials.   Single ticket purchases require a special code.  Email us for additional information regarding any ticketing outside the traditional two ticket package.

  8. Where can we see the party guestlist?   The SDC party page has a guest list but we have at least 25 attendees that are outside SDC from other sites like Kasadie and Quiver.   This is why we are hosting the three speed dating mixers, so you can meet all the fabulous people. If you want a free SDC membership to view the guestlist, Click Here>>.

  9. Are there restaurants in the hotel?   There is a full service bar and restaurant in the hotel lobby ( In Public View).   This is also where the Valentines Brunch will be held.

  10. Will I need to wear a mask?  Yes, when in the public areas but not inside the BALLROOMS, PLAYROOMS, EVENT ROOMS, or our FLOORS.  

  11. Are there play areas?   Yes.

  12. How does the Boudoir Photography work?  Click Here>>

  13. How private is this event?   We have gone to great lengths to locate an upscale hotel that we could also maintain privacy.   Believe me, this was a much bigger task than it sounds.   We have arranged for curtains, signage, security, and other physical deterrents to keep our areas private.   We believe that your privacy will be assured but as always at these events, its best to perform a  visual check before streaking across a room.

  14. How do I become an Ambassador?   Ambassadors are our fancy name for those helping us as volunteers at the event.   It is a thankless job with lots of work and no pay.   But yes, we would love for you to help and participate in future events if you are interested, especially if you have skills of high value such as audio visual knowledge, event planning, or OCD organizational tasking.  Or maybe your just fabulous and want to help out.   Email Lauren or Richard if you have an interest.

  15. When is the next event?  Soon!  As a new lifestyle events venture, we are researching how often to host these hotel or convention style events.   It takes tremendous planning and prep work to properly execute a high quality event but we have discussed hosting four events in Dallas annually.  Our goal is to provide a unique experience for each one.   Our ultimate goal would be to create these annual events that you can plan months in advance to attend.   We are currently discussing a Summer Event for Dallas with a private pool (A Must), a Fall event (October) and a Holiday event.   We are plan to branch out to other cities in Texas and surrounding areas including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City.  If you have any ideas or suggestions (to help us become better), please email us.



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