Event Safety Protocols 

Covid-19 Safety Measures

 Indoor activities with larger crowds have been identified as a potential spreader of the COVID-19 virus.   However, there are safer ways to gather together without wrapping oneself in plastic and hiding away.   Under certain conditions, the scenarios to gather together can be mediated to lower the risk of contracting Covid-19.

We have adopted the following recommended guidelines.

  1. All event staff will be  tested three days prior to events.  

  2. Events will be limited on attendence based on room sizes.

  3. Persons who have been tested negative or who carry antibodies will be identified in event credentials.

  4. All guests of the event are strongly encouraged to have a COVID test at least 7 days prior to the event.   Free testing stations are available throughout the DFW area.  The search link below lists testing sites in your area.  

  5. All workshops will be held to 40 persons in Level II spaces.

  6. All nightclub and dance activities will be limited to 80 persons in Level I spaces.

  7. Guests must wear a face covering when traveling between event floor and guest rooms, restaurants and other areas within the hotel.  

  8. Guests must perform a self-temperature check  daily as they enter the 'event floor' of the hotel.  

  9. Sanitation stations will be located within the venue at designated entrance areas.  Please use them frequently.

  10. Pool and hot tub, and other close proximity spaces are closed to event activities.


Personal Safety and Privacy Measures

We have adopted the following guidelines for safety and privacy of our event guests.

  1. Registration - All event guests must pre-register to attend an event.  We do not accept walk up registrations, solo guests, or those who have not been vetted by our event staff  48 hours in advance of the event.

  2. Credentials - All guests will be issued event credentials or wristbands which must be worn at all times in the event hall or traveling into event areas.

  3. Health Questionnaire - All guests must complete Covid-19 Health questionnaire as part of the event check-in.  

  4. Conduct Policy - All guests of our events must agree to comply with our  conduct policy.

  5. Privacy Policy - All guests of our events must agree to the privacy policy.

  6. Curfew - All guests of the event that are not staying at the hotel will be held to the 2:00 AM 'hallway curfew policy'.   We do not allow non hotel guests to remain in common areas of the hotel between the hours of 2:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

  7. Substance Policy -We adhere to a strict alcohol, drug, and tobacco abuse or overindulgence policy.

  8. Security Persons - Security person with radio communication will be posted at  checkpoints into the event.  No persons without credentials are allowed into the event corridors or guestroom floors.

  9. Proper Dress - We require proper dress in public areas including parking lots, hotel lobby, shared dining areas, elevators and other public visible areas of the hotel.  

  10. Firearms - Firearms  are strictly prohibited to be brought into the event controlled space.  

  11. Good Neighbor Policy - As an event promotor, we adopt a "Good Hotel  Neighbor' policy. We ask that you do not create noise, music and other sounds (occurring after 12:00 midnight) that would disrupt or awaken other hotel guests.

  12. Privacy - We adhere to a policy of  no camera usage (including pictures or video) captured of other guests without their consent.  Phones are not allowed to be 'open or on' in any workshop or clothing optional area.



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